DevOps Engineer

Currently seeking a DevOps engineer to join our tech team. We are looking for an engineer that will design, implement and run our source control tools, cloud integration and remote workflow pipelines for a multi-platform mobile, tablet, VR creator tool. If you are comfortable with Git, Cloud CI and other developer productivity tools, ideally with some experience with Unity or game/video pipelines, we would love to talk with you.

● Build + operate internal tools to improve developer velocity (source, review, build, deploy)
● Ensure our tools use latest Unity tools + supported devices
● Collaborating on priorities across tech + content + exec
● Drive code ownership, reviews, and tools in a remote team setting

Required Qualifications
● 4-6 years of building and operating tools for developers
● Experience with the Unity toolchain + ecosystem
● Experience supporting large mission critical apps + systems
● Strong communication skills, particularly with teams outside of engineering

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