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First Professional Services ("First Professional Services"or "we" or "us" or "our") respects theprivacy of everyone ("Sites' visitor" "user" or "you")that uses our website at,as well as other device or online applications relatedor connected thereto (collectively, the"Sites").

The following First Professional Services PrivacyNotice ("Privacy Notice") is designed to informyou, as a user of the Sites, about the types of personalinformation that First ProfessionalServices may gather about or collect from you in connectionwith your use of the Sites. It also isintended to explain the conditions under which FirstProfessional Services uses and disclosesthat personal information, and your rights in relationto that personal information.

The Sites are hosted in the United States and aresubject to U.S. state and federal law. If youare accessing our Sites from other jurisdictions,please be advised that you are transferring yourpersonal information to us in the United States, andby using our Sites, you are agreeing to thattransfer and use of your personal information in accordancewith this Privacy Notice. You alsoagree to abide to the applicable laws of the Stateof California and U.S. federal law concerningyour use of the Sites and your agreements with us.If your use of the Sites would be unlawful inyour jurisdiction, please do not use the Sites.

Company Information
First Professional Services
371 Hoes Lane
Phone: 732-745-0700


First Professional Services gathers personal informationfrom users of the Sites. When youbrowse our Sites, upload your documents, subscribeto our services or contact us throughvarious social or web forms you are voluntarily sharingpersonal information with us. Thispersonal information also includes various data thatwe collect automatically. This may be theuser’s Internet Protocol (IP) address, operating system,browser type and the locations of theSites the user views right before arriving at, whilenavigating and immediately after leaving theSites. It may also include various technical aspectsof user’s computer or browser and usersbrowsing habits that are collected through cookies.First Professional Services may analyzevarious mentioned personal information gathered fromor about users to help First ProfessionalServices better understand how the Sites are usedand how to make them better. By identifyingpatterns and trends in usage, First Professional Servicesis able to better design the Sites toimprove users’ experiences, both in terms of contentand ease of use, and help the registeredusers use our platform and services. From time totime, First Professional Services may also release the anonymized information gathered from the users in the aggregate, such as bypublishing a report on trends in the usage of theSites.

When we believe disclosure is appropriate, we maydisclose your information to help registeredusers seek employment or pursue their purposes inusing our services, investigate, prevent ortake other action regarding illegal activity, suspectedfraud or other wrongdoing; to protect anddefend the rights, property or safety of First ProfessionalServices, our users, our employees orothers; to comply with applicable law or cooperatewith law enforcement; to enforce our Termsof Use or other agreements or policies, in responseto a subpoena or similar investigativedemand, a court order or a request for cooperationfrom a law enforcement or other governmentagency; to establish or exercise our legal rights;to defend against legal claims; or as otherwiserequired by law. In such cases, we may raise or waiveany legal objection or right available tous. We will notify you if permitted before undertakingsuch disclosures.

First Professional Services reserves the right totransfer all information in its possession to asuccessor organization in the event of a merger, acquisition,bankruptcy or other sale of all or aportion of First Professional Services’ assets orin any other manner as permitted. Other than tothe extent ordered by a bankruptcy or other court,the use and disclosure of all transferredinformation will be subject to this Privacy Notice,or to a new privacy notice if you are givennotice of that new privacy notice and are given anopportunity to affirmatively opt-out of it.


A “Cookie” is a string of information which assignsyou a unique identification that a websitestores on a user’s computer, and that the user’s browserprovides to the website each time theuser submits a query to the website. We use cookieson the Sites to keep track of services youhave used, to record registration information regardingyour login name and password, to recordyour user preferences, to keep you logged into theSites and to facilitate purchase procedures.First Professional Services also uses Cookies to trackthe pages that users visit during each ofthe Sites’ sessions, both to help First ProfessionalServices improve users’ experiences and tohelp First Professional Services understand how theSites is being used. As with other personalinformation gathered from users of the Sites, FirstProfessional Services analyzes and disclosesin aggregated form information gathered using Cookies,so as to help First ProfessionalServices, its partners and others better understandhow the Sites is being used. SITES’ USERSWHO DO NOT WISH TO HAVE COOKIES PLACED ON THEIR COMPUTERSSHOULD SETTHEIR BROWSERS TO REFUSE COOKIES BEFORE ACCESSINGTHE SITES, WITH THEUNDERSTANDING THAT CERTAIN FEATURES OF THE SITES MAYNOT FUNCTIONPROPERLY WITHOUT THE AID OF COOKIES. SITES’ USERSWHO REFUSE COOKIESASSUME ALL RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY RESULTING LOSS OFFUNCTIONALITY.

First Professional Services will forward a list ofsites for which it uses cookies upon request:

General Provisions

First Professional Services contractually prohibits its contractors, affiliates, vendors andsuppliers from disclosing any personal informationreceived from First Professional Services,other than in accordance with this Privacy Noticeand its agreements with its users. These thirdparties may include advertisers, providers of games,utilities, widgets and a variety of otherthird-party applications accessible through the Sites.First Professional Services neither ownsnor controls the third-party websites and applicationsaccessible through the Sites. Thus, thisPrivacy Notice does not apply to personal informationprovided to or gathered by the thirdparties that operate them. Before visiting a thirdparty, or using a third-party application, whetherby means of a link on the Sites, directly throughthe Sites or otherwise, and before providing anypersonal information to any such third party, usersshould inform themselves of the privacypolicies and practices (if any) of the third partyresponsible for those Sites or applications, andshould take those steps necessary to, in those users’discretion, protect their privacy.


We may partner with selected third parties to allowtracking technology on the Sites, which willenable them to collect data about how you interactwith the Sites and our services over time.This personal information may be used to, among otherthings, analyze and track data,determine the popularity of certain content and betterunderstand online activity.

Third-Party Service Providers

We may share your personal information, which mayinclude your name and contact information(including email address) with our authorized serviceproviders that perform certain services onour behalf. These services may include fulfillingorders, providing customer service andmarketing assistance, performing business and salesanalysis, supporting the Sites’functionality and supporting contests, sweepstakes,surveys and other features offered throughthe Sites. We may also share your name, contact personalinformation and credit card personalinformation with our authorized service providerswho process credit card payments. Theseservice providers may have access to personal informationneeded to perform their functionsbut are not permitted to share or use such personalinformation for any other purpose. You cancontact us to receive our current list of providers.


We take the security of your personal informationseriously and use reasonable electronic,personnel and physical measures to protect it fromloss, theft, alteration or misuse. However,please be advised that even the best security measurescannot fully eliminate all risks. Wecannot guarantee that only authorized persons willview your personal information. We are notresponsible for third-party circumvention of any privacysettings or security measures.

We are dedicated to protect all personal informationon the Sites as is necessary. However, youare responsible for maintaining the confidentialityof your personal information by keeping yourpassword and computer/mobile device access confidential.If you have an account with First Professional Services and believe someone has gained unauthorized access to it or youraccount please change your password as soon as possible.If you lose control of your account,you should notify us immediately.


Do Not Sell My Personal Information Notice - CaliforniaConsumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

Under the CCPA, you have the right to:

Request that First Professional Services disclosethe categories and specific pieces ofpersonal information that First Professional Serviceshas collected about you

• Request that First Professional Services deleteany personal information that was collectedabout you

• Request First Professional Services to not sellyour personal information

First Professional Services has 45 days to respondto your request.First Professional Services has disclosed the followingcategories of personal information tothird parties for a business or commercial purposein the preceding twelve (12) months:

• Category A. Identifiers, such as contact details,like your real name, alias, postal address,telephone or mobile contact number, unique personalidentifier, online identifier, InternetProtocol address, email address and account name.

• Category B. Personal information, as defined inthe California Customer Records law, such asyour name, contact information, education, employment,employment history and financialinformation.

• Category I. Professional or employment-relatedinformation, such as business contact detailsin order to provide you our services at a businesslevel, job title as well as work history andprofessional qualifications if you apply for a jobwith us.

• Category J. Education information, such as studentrecords and directory information.

If you are under 18 years of age

If you have registered account with First ProfessionalServices, you have the right to request theremoval of unwanted personal information that youpublicly post on our Sites. To request theremoval of such information, please contact us usingthe contact information provided below.Make sure to include your account's email addressand a statement that you reside in California.

"Shine the Light Law"

California Civil Code Section 1798.83, also knownas the "Shine The Light" law, permits ourusers who are California residents to request andobtain from us, once a year and free ofcharge, personal information about the personal information(if any) we disclosed to third partiesfor direct marketing purposes in the preceding calendaryear. If applicable, this personalinformation would include a list of the categoriesof the personal information that was sharedand the names and addresses of all third parties withwhich we shared personal information inthe immediately preceding calendar year. If you area California resident and would like to makesuch a request, please submit your request in writingto the address listed below.

If you wish to exercise any of the mentioned rightsplease contact us By using the Contact Uslink on the Website., or by referring to the contactdetails at the bottom of this Privacy Notice.We will answer as soon as possible.


The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act ("COPPA")protects the online privacy of childrenunder 13 years of age. We do not knowingly collector maintain personal information fromanyone under the age of 13, unless or except as permittedby law. Any person who providespersonal information through the Sites representsto us that he or she is 13 years of age orolder. If we learn that personal information has beencollected from a user under 13 years ofage on or through the Sites, then we will take theappropriate steps to cause this personalinformation to be deleted. If you are the parent orlegal guardian of a child under 13 who hasbecome a member of the Sites or has otherwise transferredpersonal information to the Sites,please contact First Professional Services using ourcontact personal information below to havethat child's account terminated and personal informationdeleted.


Most web browsers and some mobile operating systemsinclude a Do-Not-Track ("DNT") featureor setting you can activate to signal your privacypreference not to have data about your onlinebrowsing activities monitored and collected. Becausethere is not yet a common understandingof how to interpret the DNT signal, the Sites currentlydo not respond to DNT browser signals ormechanisms.


Disputes over privacy issues contained in this PrivacyNotice will be governed by the law of theState of California. You also agree to abide by anylimitation on damages contained in ourTerms of Use, or other agreement that we have withyou.


First Professional Services may, in its sole discretion, change this Privacy Notice from time totime. Any and all changes to First Professional Services’Privacy Notice will be reflected on thispage and the date of the new version will be statedat the top of this Privacy Notice. Unlessstated otherwise, our current Privacy Notice appliesto all personal information that we haveabout you and your account. Users should regularlycheck this page for any changes to thisPrivacy Notice. First Professional Services will alwayspost new versions of the Privacy Noticeon the Sites. However, First Professional Servicesmay, as determined in its discretion, decideto notify users of changes made to this Privacy Noticevia email or otherwise. Accordingly, it isimportant that users always maintain and update theircontact personal information.


If you have any questions regarding our Privacy Notice,please contact us at:

First Professional Services
371 Hoes Lane
Phone: 7327450700